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The Captain Safety Road Show




Magic Dave first starting performing as Captain Safety  in 2002, when he first approached the road risk advisory unit at Bedford Borough Coucil, they quickly came on board and helped guide Dave with the perfect message to teach children in Schools.

 Dave started  performing in Schools in Bedfordshire with the Green Cross Code and how to stay safe on the roads.

The show which is designed to be fun and interactive for children in lower schools up to age 11.

 The road show has had a extreamly postive reviews from all the schools that  have seen the show, as it a perfect mix of comedy songs puppets and a very importnat message.

For the last 8 years it has been performed for one entire week twice a day every January at the Bedford Corn Exchange, and is seen by over 1800 children in that one week alone.

 The show is also performed all over the UK,  througout the year, so if your school would like a visit form Captain Saftey get in touch.

Captain Safety School Green Cross Code Show

Captain Safety Road Show, School Review

“The show was presented in a fun and enthusiastic way, which engaged all the children and adults. There was a clear message about the green cross code which was emphasised throughout and by the end of the show the whole school could confidently explain how to cross a road safely. The children were able to remember this message and were keen to sing the songs and say the rhyme in the following days.”


“A very important set of road safety messages was delivered in a fun and child friendly manner which engaged the children for the whole show. 

Following the show my class were able to recall the road safety information and answered related questions. Feedback from the children was very positive. 

An important life skill lesson.”


“It was very interesting and the characters made the children think as well as entertain.”


Quotes from children:


“I learnt from the Road Safety assembly that you need to be careful when you cross the roads. What I think was good about it was that Captain Safety didn't make it boring and not too young for the Year 6s. It was for all the school - 4 to 11 year olds. It was funny and cool."


"Last week we had an important assembly. We learnt not to cross the road without doing the road safety song because if you don't then you may get injured like one of the puppets in the assembly. I loved it because it was funny."


"We learnt our Green Cross Code in a really fun way! I really enjoyed the show. I loved that you could learn how to be safe and have fun at the same time."


"The road safety assembly was fun and we all learnt the Green Cross Code during a very funny performance. I loved all of the magic that was involved."








Magic Dave has been performing in schools since he first started, performing at special events and celebrations, fun days , magic workshops where the children will learn magic and stage craft, also Magic Dave can perform a topic show which can be adapted in anyway to include your subject matter.

Brand new for 2018 is the very popular recycling show.

Please contact Dave to see if he can turn your school day from mediocre to magic!






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