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RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY Effect. On one side of your table, you show bright colour artwork of a red lorry on a stand, and a yellow lorry on a stand at the other end of your table. When covered with a special Magic Spray Shop, they appear to change places with each other - magically. Once where the red lorry was is now the yellow lorry, and the yellow lorry is where the red lorry was. (A mouthful to write, as well as to say)! When the audience thinks they have worked out how you are performing this (by turning the cards around), you can show them, that in fact this is just a fun tongue-twisting story, and reveal a red lolly and yellow lolly on the reverse of the cards. When the audience thinks it’s all over, you now perform some more magic, and change the colour’s of the lorries completely, to blue and green. This effect is inspired by, The Great Norman (Norman Hazeldene of England). Who is credited with inventing the Elusive Rabbits (also known as hippity hop bunny’s). I also got inspiration from Razzamatazz Magic, on their taking of the classic; who’s who at the zoo trick, and taking it into the 21st century with Rabbit Rampage. I have a fondness for Elusive Rabbits, but had never performed it in any of my shows, as I have always felt that the prop looked a bit dated, when compared to my other props. I believe I have come up with a unique, modern twist, using similar elements to create my effect. RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY - I hope you enjoy. NOTE. For users of this effect in countries where you might not use the words red lorry yellow lorry, included free